Demand for larger screens lifts German TV market

presse-cemix-2015The popularity of larger screens boosted German TV sales in 2014, but the value of sales fell year-on-year due to continued price erosion, according to figures released by consumer electronics trade organization the GFU.

According to the GFU, TV sales were up 3.8% in terms of units shifted in 2014, with larger screen sizes of 37 inches and over accounting for €3.6 billion worth of sales and 80% of the market. The average size of TV sets sold was 40 inches, according to the trade association.

The value of overall sales declined by 4.7% to €4.5 billion due to falling prices. About 98% of screens sold were LCFD models, while 57% were smart TVs, slightly above the 2013 figure of 56%.

By way of comparison, the market for notebook PCs rose by 6.2% to €3.2 billion, while the tablet market grew by 4.7% to €1.9 billion in the same period.

The GFU expects CE sales to remain stable this year, with the absence of major sporting events expected to have a dampening effect on the volume of sales.

Overall, the German consumer electronics market returned to modest growth in 2014, with sales up 2.1%, following a decline in 2013, according to the GFU. While the ‘traditional’ CE sector saw a 5.3% fall in sales in 2014, overall numbers were lifted into positive territory by consumer telecom products, up 7.5% and consumer IT products, up 6.5%.

The CEMIX consumer electronics market index figures were compiled by the GFU and research group GfK in cooperation with retail trade association BAT.

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