Channel 4 names new CTO

Orpheus Warr

Orpheus Warr

UK broadcaster Channel 4 has upped its chief architect and head of technical strategy, Orpheus Warr, to chief technology officer (CTO).

In his new role Warr will be responsible for Channel 4’s overall technical strategy, architecture and research and development activity.

He will also retain responsibility for the technical aspects of Channel 4’s broadcast management, distribution and operations.

Warr, who first joined Channel 4 in 2003, will report to director of strategy and technology, Keith Underwood, and will work alongside chief information officer Kevin Gallagher and head of content management Rachel Yendoll.

Warr’s previous work at Channel 4 includes helping to launch catch-up service 4oD and helping to enable Channel 4’s data strategy through the design of ‘big data’ solutions.

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