DTG launches HDMI testing service

Richard Carlton

Richard Carlton

The UK’s Digital TV Group (DTG) is launching an HDMI interoperability testing service, designed to ensure a high quality consumer experience and retailer buyers’ confidence.

Consumer Electronics (CE) manufacturers can have their devices tested against products in the DTG receiver collection, which comprises around 450 integrated digital televisions and set top boxes and represents 95% of the UK free to air receiver market.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our HDMI interoperability testing service enabling manufacturers have their devices tested in our controlled environment and identify and resolve HDMI interoperable or other technical issues across a vast range of TVs and set top boxes. This collaborative project supports our goal at the DTG in achieving the efficient delivery of high quality video to all screens,” said Richard Carlton, associate director of DTG Testing.

Separately, the DTG’s UK UHD Forum held its second ‘4K Plugfest’ event at the DTG offices in London this week, bringing together platform operators, TV manufacturers, audio-video content providers and broadcasters, equipment manufacturers and retailers to investigate HEVC UHD interoperability.

The event focused on content streamed in 4K over satellite, IP and DTT to UHD TVs and set-top boxes.

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