EBU urges European net neutrality

Net neutrality ebu letter signatoriesThe European Broadcasting Union (EBU), alongside a coalition of digital stakeholders, has signed an open letter urging the EU to support “strong and clear net neutrality rules.”

The letter comes ahead of an informal dinner of EU telcoms ministers this week where they will discuss proposed single market telecoms regulation, according to the EBU.

The coalition called for an open, transparent and secure internet, supported by effective EU-wide rules on net neutrality, to help drive innovation and economic efficiency and “to foster informed citizenship and plurality of opinions.”

They also stressed the need for “clear wording” to prevent the prioritisation or discrimination of internet traffic based on the content, services, applications, or devices that are being used.

“Strong non-discrimination clauses would not infringe internet service providers’ capacity to offer customers ‘specialised services’ or internet access packages with different speeds and volumes,” the coalition said.

EBU head of European affairs, Nicola Frank, said: “The Council can establish a legacy for Europe and firmly set the open internet as a guarantee for freedom of expression and information in the digital society. Clear net neutrality will protect the freedom to impart and receive information without interference, strengthen consumers’ trust and confidence in the digital economy and offer long term incentives for investment and innovation.”

Alongside the EBU, the list of signatories for the letter included BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation, Centre for Democracy and Technology (CDT), European Digital Rights (EDRi) and Digital Rights Ireland.

A similar letter was sent to EU Member State ambassadors during the Italian Presidency of the EU in October 2014.

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