Interactive digital TV found in 61.5% of Belgian homes

Some 61.5% of Belgian households now have interactive digital TV according to a new study on Belgian Telecom sector, commissioned by the country’s five major operators. 

The study, carried out by management consulting firm Arthur D. Little on behalf of Base Company, Mobistar, Proximus, Telenet and VOO, found that 80% of Belgian households have a broadband internet connection and 54% of Belgians have a mobile internet connection.

“While telecom services usage has been growing strongly over the last years, the price index of telecom services has dropped by 7% since 2006 (versus an inflation at +17%). Nonetheless, compared to 2009, operators provide a substantially better offering that generates 4 to 7 times more value for money to the consumers,” according to the report.

The ‘A New Deal for the Telecom Sector in Belgium’ study said that telecom operators in Belgium generated 59% of “digital ecosystem” revenues, while accounting for 87% of investments, 75% of direct jobs and 90% of taxes in 2013.

It also claimed that the telecom operators’ investment in Belgium reached a record high of €1.8 billion in 2013 and injected more than €45 billion of value into the economy.

Based on strong growth in telecom service use, the study argued in favour of a “Digital New Deal” to foster telecoms investment, guarantee regulatory predictability, build trust in networks and stimulate private investment in high-speed networks.

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