UHD Alliance launches at CES

UHD Alliance LogoA powerful coalition of Hollywood studios, consumer electronics makers, content distributers and technology companies has formed in a bid to create a seamless and integrated ecosystem for Ultra HD.

The UHD Alliance, which launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and includes firms like Netflix, Samsung and Twentieth Century Fox, said the partnership will “set the bar for next generation video entertainment.”

The alliance aims to establish new standards to support “innovation in video technologies” – including 4K and higher resolutions, high dynamic range, wider colour range and immersive 3D audio.

“As the UHD environment continues to evolve, we are strengthening our commitment to high-quality UHD content and devices. The Alliance will encourage the development of high-quality UHD content while distinguishing TVs that provide the most premium UHD viewing experience,” said Hyunsuk Kim, president, visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

The UHD Alliance is designed to provide information to consumers about premium Ultra HD content and devices – which will be clearly identified so shoppers can easily recognise them. It is also focused on helping people benefit from a “seamless, integrated and high-quality Ultra-HD ecosystem.”

“The innovative advancements and quality improvements with TVs are evolving rapidly, as seen throughout CES. The UHD Alliance will benefit consumers by identifying products and content that will give the true UHD experience,” said Mike Dunn, president, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Other members of the alliance include LG Electronics, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony Visual Product, Technicolor, The Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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