TiVo launches OnePass for online and linear content

TiVo logoTiVo has launched OnePass, an “all access” service that gathers together and gives viewers access to content, regardless of whether it comes from live or recorded TV, on-demand or streaming apps.

The service, which the DVR maker introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, organises episodes of shows by season and is available on TiVo boxes or via TiVo’s mobile apps.

If an episode or a season is not available as a recording, OnePass will include episodes from a user’s on-demand library or streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus, said TiVo.

“As we continue to see exponential growth in binge watching and the nearly ubiquitous presence of OTT video subscription services alongside traditional cable, TiVo continues to fulfil our mission to deliver the best entertainment experience for viewers,” said Jim Denney, vice president of product marketing at TiVo.

“OnePass is a significant step in our continued efforts to simplify and organise the exploding amount of great content available today – a solution we know becomes even more important as individual TV shows, movies and videos are spread throughout an increasing number of entertainment services.”

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