HomePlug Alliance demos new AV2 technology

homeplugHome networking standardisation body HomePlug Alliance is using this week’s Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam to demo multi-vendor interoperability of the next-generation HomePlug AV2 technology.

According to the organisation, HomePlug AV2 can support Gigabit-class speeds and enable superior coverage and performance in home networking.

Other HomePlug demonstrations at Broadband World Forum include an nVoy interoperability demonstration for hybrid home networking based on the IEEE Standard 1905.1 with HomePlug and Wi-Fi mobile connectivity, and embedded HomePlug technology in security cameras.

“With the growing number of connected devices per household and increasingly bandwidth-intensive applications running on those devices, service providers and consumers are increasingly utilizing HomePlug products to support high-speed and high-capacity whole-home networks,” said Rob Ranck, President of the HomePlug Alliance.

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