TVN launches internet video portal

Veedo_3Polish broadcaster TVN has launched entertainment video portal, featuring a wide range of internet videos and allowing users to upload their own short-form films.

According to TVN, will serve as a platform for talent promotion.

Content creators judged to have exceptional talent will be offered a chance to showcase their achievements on air or to sign an advertising contract. Creators of the most popular films will also be able to earn money by receiving a revenue share of the advertising displayed next to their videos.

Veedo will also include videos from Polish and international TV channels.

Viewers can apply a range of dedicated ‘stickers’ to favourite videos to give their views.

“Internet users browsing for the most attractive videos from all over the world will gain a quick access to the most popular and amusing clips on the net. The videos on this website will come from both professional and amateur sources,” said Maciej Maciejowski, member of the management board in charge of business development at TVN and Veedo CEO.

“We want to turn into a platform that will help talented individuals to find an audience and inspirations as well as to network with other creative people with similar interest. We offer each user an opportunity to evaluate video content using an amusing scale of subjective preference.”

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