TDC and YouSee in e-book first for Denmark

TDC YouSee e-bookDanish telco TDC and cable subsidiary YouSee are making e-books available to suscribers via their mobile phones and tablets, with payment to be integrated with their subscriptions, the first time such a service has been offered in the country.

TDC has teamed up with the country’s largest e-book retailer Mofibo, which has a catalogue of about 10,000 titles. The Mofibo service can be purchased as a bolt-on product for a payment of DKK79 (€10.60).

“Our collaboration with Mofibo will add value for our customers. At TDC and YouSee, a mobile phone is not just for calls and texting – in just a few minutes it can be converted into a private library to take with you wherever you go. Whether you are sitting on a bus or in your dentist’s waiting room, you will always have your favourite books at hand,” said Johan Kirstein Brammer, senior executive vice president of TDC Consumer.

Bramer said that the potential market for e-books in Denmark is significant because the country’s has some of the highest book prices in the world.

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