4K TV to ‘remain niche’ until 2019

LG's Ultra HD Curved OLED TV

LG’s Ultra HD Curved OLED TV

4K TV will remain a niche product for at least another five years, with widespread viewing of 4K content likely to grow quickly from 2019 onwards, according to a new report by TDG.

According to Joel Espelien, author of Forecasting the 4K Video Ecosystem 2014-2025, 4K video will be driven by consumper purchases of smart TVs with 4K functionality, but actual viewing of 4K will be hindrered by poor consumer awareness, high prices, and lack of 4K content.

According to the report connected set-top boxes and Blu-ray players will each account for almost one-fifth of total 4K video viewing in 2017, with uptake boosted by support from the likes of Apple, Amazon, google and Microsoft.

Espelien argues that set-tops will surpass 4K smart TVs to become the single most-important platform used to view 4K video aside from legacy pay-TV operator set-tops.

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