Horse & Country TV to benefit from Sky EPG categories merger

Horse & Country TVUK pay TV operator BSkyB is merging the lifestyle category on its EPG with the entertainment genre, with all channels previously listed under lifestyle moved to the entertainment area.

Movers include Horse & Country TV, which will move up the BSkyB EPG listing from channel 280 to channel 253 on August 19.

“We’re confident our loyal viewers will quickly adjust to finding us in our new location but just to be sure we’ve enlisted the help of a number of top riders including Carl Hester, Louise Bell, Shane Breen and Lee Pearson who will be appearing in our campaign to get the new number across,” said the channel’s managing director, Richard Burdett.

“Overall we’re delighted with the move.  Being higher up the guide and in Entertainment means a whole lot more potential viewers are likely to find the channel, which is good news for H&C TV and good news for our advertisers.”

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