Telefónica taps Alcatel-Lucent for cloud DVR

movistar logoTelefónica’s Movistar TV is delivering its cloud DVR service using technology supplied by Alcatel-Lucent, the company has revealed.

The cloud service allows Movistar subscribers to record up to 350 hours of content in the cloud via their set-top boxes. They can also simultaneously record content from all channels. The service was initially launched in February.

Movistar TV has also used Alcatel-Lucent’s 5910 video services appliance to launch a mosaic-based feature for major sporting events that allows users to choose between six different streams of sporting action. This has been available since March.

“As Telefónica expands its fiber-to-the-home network it is also expanding its Movistar TV customer base. The success of the new features has been such that we are already exploring how we can increase the capacity and efficiency of the platform to handle the rapid growth in subscribers expected in the next year,” said Roque Lozano, president of Alcatel-Lucent Spain and global account manager for Telefónica.