Russian media groups launch tender for new measurement system

Perviy KanalRussian media groups Perviyy Kanal (Channel One), Gazprom Media, National Media and CTC, and state broadcasting organisation RTR, have announced a tender for a new audience measurement system, according to local reports.

According to business daily Kommersant, the tender calls for Russian or international companies with five years’ experience in audience measurement to submit an application by October 1, with a view to a 10-year contract being awarded to the winner by the end of 2016. The contract is expected to have a maximum value of RUB1.226 billion (€26 million).

The tender calls for a measurement system that can measure the audience on any type of screen and should comprise a panel of about 9,000 households across all towns and cities with a population of 12,000 or above.

Russian audience measurement specialist TNS Media, which currently measures audiences in cities with a population of 100,000 or above, recently agreed to expand its panel by 25% to 5,022 households.

Perviyy Kanal, Gazprom Media and RTR created a non-profit joint-venture, ICT, in November to choose a new audience measurement system, with CTC Media and National Media joining recently.

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