Com Hem sees TiVo boost amidst mixed results

Approximately one in eight of Swedish cable operator Com Hem’s digital TV subscribers take its TiVo offering two months after it launched. However, the operator’s overall digital TV base decreased slightly over the last quarter.

Com Hem reported 74,000 TiVo customers at the end of March, out of a total of 575,000 digital TV subscribers, down about 1,000 quarter-on-quarter.

The operator had 570,000 broadband customers at the end of March, up 12,000 quarter-on-quarter, with the proportion taking very high-speed services of between 100Mbps and 500Mbps reaching 37%.

Com Hem had 1.83 million homes connected at the end of the quarter, up 13,000 on the December figure mainly due to the addition of customers from partner operators in the overall total. Com Hem’s own base of revenue generating units was up 10,000 over the three months to 1.492 million, with subscribers increasing by 8,000 to 838,000.

The operator posted revenues of SEK1.124 million (€124 million) for the quarter, flat year-on-year, with EBITDA also flat at SEK545 million. Com Hem’s net loss for the period widended from SEK59 million to SEK225 million.

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