BBC Trust approves 30-day iPlayer catch-up window

The new BBC iPlayer on tablet, smart phone, TV and computer

The new BBC iPlayer on tablet, smart phone, TV and computer

The BBC’s governing body, the BBC Trust, has approved plans by the corporation to extend the catch-up window for its iPlayer video-on-demand service from seven to 30 days. 

Announcing the move, the Trust said that it expects the BBC to implement the changes from this summer, with the decision following a formal assessment and advice from broadcast regulator Ofcom.

With the extension, the BBC will phase out ‘series stacking’ on the iPlayer for TV programmes in exchange for the longer 30-day catch-up window, the Trust said. However, series stacking will still be available for radio shows.

BBC Trust vice chairman, Diane Coyle, hailed 30-day catch-up as a “sensible move” that will benefit audiences and provide a “more consistent catch-up service.”

“With an average of 10.7 million programme requests every day, BBC iPlayer is highly valued by audiences and has been a phenomenal success since it launched six years ago. It is important that iPlayer continues to evolve and meet the expectations of users,” said Coyle.

In a statement, the BBC also welcomed the move saying: “People keep telling us they want programmes to be available on BBC iPlayer for longer – so extending availability from seven to 30 days will make iPlayer even better.

“New iPlayer already has downloads, better recommendations, HD, live restart, favourites and collections, and extending the catch-up window to 30 days gives people even longer to enjoy their favourite BBC programmes.”