Kabel Deutschland sees premium TV recovery

German cable operator Kabel Deutschland added 86,000 premium TV subscribers in its fiscal third quarter, taking its total to 2.2 million. 

The operator added 88,000 internet and phone customers in the quarter, taking this total also to 2.2 million, a recovery after a weak first-half performance.

Overall, the operator added 329,000 internet and phone subscribers in the year to December.

Kabel Deutschland’s revenues grew by €11 million quarter-on-quarter and by €17 million or 3.7% year-on-year to €482 million for the quarter, while adusted EBITDA grew by 4.7% to €231 million.

Total blended ARPU per subscriber increased to €17.30 – up by €1.25 or 7.8% from the prior year’s third quarter

The Company spent 25.8% of revenues or €124 million on regular Capex and €25 million on ‘Programme Alpha’ – the €300 million investment plan it announced in the wake of th blocking of its plan to acquire Tele Columbus. Operating free cash flow amounted to €82 million.

Kabel Deutschland posted a net profit of €33 million, down from €73 million last year.

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