Tablet and mobiles increase share on online viewing

The share of tablet and mobile video views in online viewing grew by 19% in the first quarter and accounted for over 10% of all online video plays, according to online video specialist Ooyala’s Global Video Index. 

According to Ooyala, mobiles and tablets accounted for over double the 4% share recorded in the first quarter of 2012.

Mobile and tablet vidwers spent over half of their online viewing time watching videos that lasted longer than 10 minutes, while 25% of tablet viewing time was spent on content that was more than 60 minutes long.

Desktop viewers watched live news, sports and special events for an average of 40 minutes per play in the first quarter, while people on average streamed live video on smart TVs and gaming consoles for 45 minutes per play, nine times longer than the average video-on-demand play. Desktop viewers watched live video 13 times longer than VOD, while tablet video viewers watched live video four times longer and mobile viewers three times longer.

Ooyala measures the online viewing habits of almost 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries every month.