YouSee MD out in company restructure

Yousee. Portr¾tter. Niels Breining.The managing director of Danish cable operator YouSee, Niels Breining, is stepping down, after his position was cut in a restructure by the firm’s telco parent company TDC.

TDC said the reorganisation is designed to “strengthen brands and customer experience” and will result in YouSee being incorporated into TDC’s consumer business unit, which is headed by group chief marketing officer and senior executive vice president, Anders Jensen.

A new Channels business unit will also be established to encompass all call centres and online departments across the group in a bid to offer “a more efficient and modern customer approach” and provide the “best possible customer experience.”

TDC said that the reorganisation, which will take effect from July 1, will have no effect on YouSee’s individual customers, or to customers in TDC’s other subsidiaries.

However, it added that the job as managing director of YouSee “will not continue in its current form,” prompting Breining – who was appointed to the corporate management team in 2008 – to resign.

TDC said that in the future Breining will focus on working as a board member and as a consultant for TDC and other firms.

TDC president and CEO Carsten Dilling said the reorganisation, based on a group strategy that was first presented in 2012, is designed to strengthen the firm’s consumer brand strategy. “We need to leverage our strong positions optimally as well as work together towards delivering a great customer experience, building the most innovative products and offering the strongest content for all our customers,” he said.

“To support this ambition and adapt for future requirements, we will bring the best people across the group together; both in relation to development, IT, network strategy and market approach” Dilling added.

TDC is currently recruiting for the new Channels director role. Dilling will cover the post in the interim.

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