RTVE and EBU demo UHDTV over DVB-T2

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has teamed up with the European Broadcasting Union and other industry partners to showcase the broadcasting of ultra high-definition TV on a digital-terrestrial network at the Mobile World Congress.

RTVE, together with the EBU, Abertis Telecom and a number of other partners have implemented what they say is the first Ultra High Definition-1 (UHDTV-1) standard broadcast over a DVB-T2 network in Barcelona.

The transmission, using the 3840×2160 pixel resolution known as UHD-1, which offers four times the resolution of current HDTV services, was designed to demonstrate that UHDTV services were feasible and that the DVB-T2 standard was an efficient medium for their carriage.

The broadcast is showing on an 84-inch screen at the event in Barcelona, featuring shots of the city encoded in H.264 at 35Mbps.