Mainstream broadcasters in strong position to exploit DTT

Deloitte says mainstream broadcaster’s strong existing brands put them in a strong position to exploit opportunities in the over-the-top (OTT) sector.

The accountancy firm pinpointed the existing broadcasters’ ability to make OTT moves as one of its key trends for 2013.

It noted: “Mainstream broadcasters’ strong brand image and customer loyalty will put them in a strong position to grab market share among the growing range of over-the-top services.”

The company also provided some insight into how it expects free-to-air broadcasters to approach the OTT opportunity.
“Free-to-air TV broadcasters are likely to offer OTT for no cost, while pay TV companies include OTT access as part of subscription packages,” it noted. “Viewers will likely use broadcasters’ OTT services shortly after first transmission, with freshness of content key to popularity. Deloitte estimates that more than 75% of programmes will be watched within a week of initial broadcast.”

Deloitte pinpointed the growth of 4K TV and mobile advertising among its other hot trends for 2013.

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