EBU produces video sequences for UHDTV testing

The EBU has produced a new set of video test sequences designed to help members with the testing of ultra high-definition (UHDTV) service.

Footage shot at the RAI Production Centre in Turin, Italy, last June has been made available in the UHD-1 format. Two of the sequences have been made available under a Creative Commons licence. The remainder are available free of charge to EBU Members, or to other parties on payment of an administration fee. The EBU said 3DTV and Higher Frame Rate sequences will be made available at a later date.

“The availability of high quality, rights-free reference test sequences is a prerequisite for tests on the technologies that lie beyond HDTV. For most EBU members the current focus rightly remains on implementing their HDTV strategies. Meanwhile the EBU, under the guidance of the technical committee’s strategic programme on future TV formats, can help to ensure its members are well positioned when the next wave hits,” the EBU said.