Chellomedia to launch OTT movie service with Tvinci

Chellomedia is launching a new premium online movie service in the Netherlands using technology from Tvinci.

Chellomedia plans to roll out Film 1 Go in December. The service, which will be based on Tvinci’s online TV platform, will offer premium movies on PCs and Apple and Android devices. Chellomedia currently offers five channels under the Film 1 brand, including Film1 Premiere, Action, Family, Sundance and Series, which are carried by operators including Ziggo, UPC Netherlands and Canal Digital.

“The landscape is changing, and people are seeking new ways to discover content, consume it and interact with it, on any device. That’s why we are so pleased to work with Tvinci, whose expertise is helping us to bring the next generation of TV to Film1 subscribers,” said Jeroen Bergman, managing director, Chellomedia.

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