Neotion launches second screen solution

Neotion will use IBC to launch Blue Bridge, a solution to create a secure wireless link between TV and smartphones or tablets, allowing the introduction of new services or apps combining simultaneous use of television and mobiles.

The Blue Bridge system can be integrated into multiple interfaces such as a CAM, set-top or USB dongle. Blue Bridge allows data to be extracted from TV streams and to generate information from an interactive television

application for transmission to the second screen. Since this link is bi-directional, the mobile device can also transmit

information to the television in the opposite direction. Blue Bridge technology allows a television to connect to the internet using the mobile device’s internet connection, providing a connected TV without the need for an Ethernet cable or WiFi router.

At IBC, Neotion will present TV apps running on the Blue Bridge platform: ‘Watch 2 Cash’ TV couponing whereby the TV receives and displays discount coupons that the user then validates and acquires using the TV remote control or directly onto their smartphone or tablet; ‘HBB Tablet’ for navigating HbbTV content on a tablet; ‘Blue Bridge Pay’ for pay-per-view via a mobile device whereby the companion device, connected to the TV by a secure wireless link, allows viewers to purchase and transfer pay-per-view rights on live TV channels or for VOD offers; and ‘Blue Bridge Social TV’, a simplified solution for publishing information and comments on social networks, synchronised with the broadcast content, from a TV not connected to the internet.

Gregory Wieczorek, CEO of Neotion, said: “Neotion Blue Bridge represents a shift for Neotion, as we are expanding our offering to include other technologies as well as CAMs by combining technological products and services. In doing so we rely on our teams’ security expertise and on our privileged relationship with Operators and CAS partners who are keen to obtain a solution allowing them to enable and exploit second screen usage with television usage but with the ability to secure and control this connection. This combination of television and second screen usage through our Blue Bridge solution is an innovative development which will enable new advertising and services revenue generation for broadcasters and operators as well as user friendly apps, payment solutions and benefits for the user/consumer. The Blue Bridge solution is a truly disruptive technology bringing the couponing world to the linear television, enabling real audience measurement, tele-voting and much more.”

Neotion will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 4.B53


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