Jinni supports Belgacom’s updated TV service

Content discovery specialist Jinni has revealed details about the solution it has provided to Belgacom for its recently upgraded TV service

The Belgian telco is rolling out new set-top boxes featuring Jinni software that provides a cross-platform content consumption experience. New features include personal Taste Channels, offering content that reflects the viewer’s preferences, from which they can select content according to their changing moods. The Live for Me feature shows upcoming movies, shows and series that fit their profile. Advanced explore and discovery options use Jinni’s Entertainment Genome to enable viewers to search for available content in a semantic and intuitive manner, by searching using natural language metaphor. A search query for ‘funny and cynical friendships in the city’ would lead to results that would not have been found if looking under Comedy or Drama, sections, Jinni said.

Yosi Glick, Jinni co-founder and CEO, said, “We are very happy with the opportunity given to both sides and look forward to hearing about their subscribers’ experiences with the new features, as they have been given the good fortune to be the first consumer market to benefit from user-centric discovery across linear TV and VOD.”