MultiChoice launches new locally-made DVR

South African pay TV operator MultiChoice has launched a new locally-developed DVR box.

MultiChoice is making the Altech UEC-supplied twin-tuner HD PVR 2U to its subscribers. The box features the ability to record one channel while watching another, fast-forward, rewind and slow-motion, with disk space to record up to 150 hours of standard definition programming or 50 hours of HD. It can also be linked to any of DStv’s Xtraview-enabled decoders and PVRs to provide a second viewing environment. Other features include a 24-hour i-Plate, Dolby 5.1 surround sound capability, favourite channels selection, series record, parental control and aspect ratio toggle.

Specifically for the South African market, the devices includes a ruggedised power supply and surge protection on both the LNB inputs and HDMI port.

Collins Khumalo, CEO, MultiChoice South Africa: “This model provides the same sought-after features our PVR-enabled subscribers have come to love. It is important to us to partner with South African companies such as Altech UEC to support the manufacturing sector in our country.”