Com Hem planning multiscreen services

Tomas Franzen

Com Hem is preparing to launch multiscreen services this year.

Tomas Franzén, CEO of the Swedish cable operator, told Digital TV Europe, that the company will enable its digital TV customers to control the set-top using a range of devices by the end of the year. He said they are also planning a TV Everywhere service offering content on various devices. “The products that we will come up with by the end of the year will offer a more seamless experience for the customer so they can control the TV screen with multiple devices and they will also consume TV services on multiple devices,” he said. “It is a TV Everywhere solution and we will focus on the ease of use.”

Franzén said the company would use on-demand and timeshifting services to tempt its analogue customers to switch to digital services. “Offering extra linear channels is not enough to make people pay extra to go digital,” he said. “We’ve seen that people taking an on-demand service and using timeshifting show a willingness to pay for it and to stay with us.”

Com Hem has around 650,000 digital TV subscribers from a total customer base of around 1.8 million.

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