BBC and Thomson complete Freeview fifth HD channel trial

UK public broadcaster the BBC is set to broadcast a fifth HD Freeview channel on the country’s DTT Multiplex B using Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE EM3000 encoders.

Thomson said technical trials conducted by the BBC and communications regulator Ofcom found that Thomson’s encoders would enable the delivery of a fifth HD channel from a single DVB-T2 multiplex without compromising picture quality on existing channels.

“The BBC’s report recognises the potential of continuing improvement in encoding technology, and the real-world benefits of Thomson’s ViBE EM3000,” said Christophe Delahousse, president of Thomson Video Networks. “Thomson Video Networks is the market leader in the field, and our efforts are constantly focused on developing ever-more efficient encoding to enable our customers to achieve higher-quality services and meet their business goals.”

Tags: BBC, DTT, DVB-T2, Thomson

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