M6 launches Xbox service with SyncTV

RTL Group-backed French commercial broadcaster M6 has chosen connected TV technology specialist SyncTV to deliver an over-the-top TV service for Microsoft Xbox 360 games consoles.

The service, which launched on December 21, allows viewers to access M6 shows including The Good Wife, Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS via Xbox consoles.

“Apart from being one of the best-selling gaming consoles in the world, the Microsoft Xbox 360 is on a trajectory to become a dominant  over-the-top platform for streaming media content,” said Christian  Bombrun, deputy managing director of M6 Web. “Our partnership with SyncTV will enable us to offer a wide range of M6 content to all Xbox 360 users in France. As a result, more than two million potential customers will benefit from these innovations and gain access to M6 entertainment through the Xbox 360.”


Tags: France, M6, XBox

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