Turner renews SES deal

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) has renewed its capacity agreement with SES for almost seven transponders on four satellites.

TBS is using five transponders of Ku-band capacity on SES’ AMC-3 satellite. Four transponders are being used for news channel CNN’s satellite news gathering vehicles and one is being used for distribution of affiliate video service CNN Newsource to more than 800 affiliates. The SNG coverage will migrate to the new SES-2 satellite once the spacecraft initiates service in the 87° West orbital slot next month.

Turner is also delivering breaking news from North America via CNN Newsource to European affiliates using 9 MHz of Ku-band capacity on SES’ NSS-7 satellite at 338° East. The service is scheduled to transition to the new SES-4 spacecraft once operational next year. DTH viewers in the UK and Germany are also receiving TBS programming, including CNN International, TNT, Boomerang and Cartoon Network, over Ku-band capacity on two SES Astra satellites located at 19.2° East and 28.2° East.

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