Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2 completes Gigabit upgrade

UK service provider Virgin Media O2 has said it has completed the upgrade of its national network to Gigabit speeds. The company laid claim to delivering nearly two-thirds of the UK government’s broadband ambition four years ahead of the target date. The operator completed its rollout after switching on gigabit speeds to a final 1.1 […]

Liberty Global will ‘continue to invest’ in HFC and DOCSIS 4.0, says Fries

Liberty Global will continue to invest in its HFC network including DOCSIS 4.0 and will only deploy full fibre-to-the-premises on a case-by-case basis for customers that require it, according to CEO Mike Fries. Speaking on a virtual Morgan Stanley European Technology, Media and Telecom conference, he said that HFC “has a rich history full of […]

Virgin Media O2 adds 1.6 million homes to gigabit broadband network

Virgin Media O2 has said that it is close to completing its national gigabit rollout programme. The operator, which recently completed its merger between Telefónica’s O2 and Liberty Global’s Virgin Media, said that more than 90 per cent of homes across its network are now able to access gigabit broadband. On November 9, Virgin Media […]

Liberty Global to look at new public listings next year, mulls UK infrastructure options

Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries has given a strong indication that the company may pursue stock market listings of individual company units next year to increase the overall value of its assets. Speaking to analysts after the company announced solid Q3 numbers at the end of last week Fries said that Liberty had “talked from […]

Virgin Media launches new WiFi Hub

Virgin Media has announced the launch of its new WiFi router. The new Hub 5 is powered by WiFi 6 technology and promises to deliver ‘peak WiFi performance.” The router will work with Virgin Media’s existing DOCSIS 3.1 technology and comes with a 2.5Gbps ethernet port alongside three additional 1Gbps ports. Virgin Media O2 is […]

BT confident of Sky fibre partnership in spite of Virgin Media O2 reports

BT has stated that it expects Sky to remain a major wholesale partner for its full fibre network development in spite of a reported deal between the Comcast-owned operator and Virgin Media O2. An earlier report from The Telegraph stated that Sky was in talks with Virgin Media O2 to invest in its own fibre […]

Virgin Media O2 reaches 10 million homes with latest gigabit network expansion

Virgin Media O2 has announced the expansion of its gigabit broadband network to more than 10 million homes. The upgrade represents more than two thirds of the operator’s footprint, and reaches cities including Blackpool, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Oxford and Swindon. Homes within the network are able to access Virgin Media’s Gig1 service, which provides average […]

Virgin Media O2 passes new fibre milestone as competitive landscape heats up

Liberty Global and Telefónica-owned Virgin Media O2 has added one-and-a-half million homes to its gigabit network, enabling it to make the claim that more than half of its footprint can now access ultra-fast broadband speeds. The company has now upgraded its network in locations across the UK, including Bournemouth, Bristol, Northampton, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Wigan and […]