RSCC launches two new satellites

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) has successfully launched two new satellites, Express-80 and Express-103, from the Baikonur cosmodrome. The two craft were put into the target geo-transfer orbit and later will be placed in the geostationary orbit at the 80° and 96.5° East orbital slots. The spacecraft are intended to provide fixed and mobile services; […]

RSCC sees rise in revenues

Russian satellite operator RSCC saw its full-year revenues rise by 24% in 2016, turning in RUB11.4 billion (€175 million). The RSCC fleet now comprises 12 communication and broadcasting satellites positioned along the GEO orbital arc from 14° West to 145° East. The operator also brought into service Express-AMU1, a new satellite serving European Russia, in […]

RSCC take Ka-band broadband to central Russia

Russian satellite operator RSCC has launched Ka-band-based broadband services in central Russia and the Urals via its new Express-AM6 satellite at 53° East. Russian providers started to offer satellite broadband services in the Ka-band using domestic spacecraft in the Far East and Siberia last year. Since April 2016, the service area of high-speed satellite system […]

Russia’s Express-AM8 now operational

Russian satellite operator RSCC’s new Express-AM8 satellite has become operational at the 14° West orbital slot. Express-AM8 is designed for TV broadcasting services including those distributed nationally across Russia under the country’s Federal TV development programme, as well as data and internet access, corporate and agency-owned communications networks. Express-AM8 also provides communications services for marine and […]

RSCC’s Express-AM8 successfully launched

Russian satellite operator RSCC’s Express-AM8 satellite has been successfully launched and placed in geostationary orbit by a Proton-M rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The satellite will be placed in orbit at 14° West to provide communications and broadcasting services to users in European Russia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. The […]

RSCC completes traffic migration ahead of satellite move

Russian satellite operator RSCC has successfully transferred traffic from its Express-AM22 satellite to Express-AM6 ahead of moving the AM22 bird from its 53° East orbital slot to its new position at 80.1° East. The Russian operator plans to begin commercial operations from Express-AM22 at the new slot on August 5. Express-AM6 was launched in October […]

Russian satellite placed in geostationary orbit

Russian satellite Express-AM7, operated by RSCC, has successfully been placed in geostationary orbit, according to the company.  The satellite, which arrived in GEO orbit on March 25, will now have its onboard systems in operational configuration as the satellite is moved to its assigned 40° East orbital slot. It is expected to become operational in […]

Russia’s Express-АМ7 satellite now in orbit

The Russian Satellite Communication Company’s (RSCC’s) new communications and broadcasting satellite, Express-АМ7, is now in orbit.  The satellite launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome yesterday on a Proton-M rocket, and separated from the Breeze-M Upper Stage this morning. Express-АМ7 is now due to be transferred to its 40˚ East geostationary orbit slot, where it will provide […]

RSCC commissions eastern Ka-band platform

Russian satellite operator RSCC has commissioned the eastern segment of its satellite high-speed internet system (SHSIS) using Ka-band capacity on an Express satellite at 140° East, the first time that satellite-supported communications in the Ka-band have been provided using the capacity of a Russian-built spacecraft. The deployment, using a central switching exchange and antenna farm […]

RSCC to launch broadcast satellite next month

The Russia Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is due to launch its Express AM7 satellite on March 19, 2015, after it was delivered to Baikonur in Kazakhstan last week. Express AM7 was manufactured by Airbus DS and is due to launch next month on a Proton-M/Breeze-M rocket. The satellite carries up to 80 transponders in the […]