RSCC commissions eastern Ka-band platform

RSCC's Khabarovsk facility

RSCC’s Khabarovsk facility

Russian satellite operator RSCC has commissioned the eastern segment of its satellite high-speed internet system (SHSIS) using Ka-band capacity on an Express satellite at 140° East, the first time that satellite-supported communications in the Ka-band have been provided using the capacity of a Russian-built spacecraft.

The deployment, using a central switching exchange and antenna farm located at RSCC’s Khabarovsk facility, will provide broadband internet access to users in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Amur and Chita regions, the eastern part of the Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, the Maritime, Khabarovsk, Altai and the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk Territories, the Khakass, Altai, Tyva, Buryatia Republics and the southern part of the Republic of Sakha/Yakutia.

A western Russian segment of SHSIS will be based in the Moscow region, using capacity at 53° East.

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