Russia’s RSCC launches two new TV satellites

The Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) has successfully launched two new communications and broadcasting satellites – Express-AT1 and Express-AT2.

АТ1 and АТ2 will be deployed in geostationary orbits at 56˚E and 140˚E, respectively, and will provide direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) TV services to users across Russia.

“The launch of the Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 DBS satellites is critical for the development of the domestic DBS market,” said RSCC director-general Yuri Prokhorov.

“Users in Siberia and the Far East will gain access to new Russian and international TV channels. The networks currently operated by Bonum-1 will be switched by RSCC specialists over to the new satellites after their commissioning, paving the way for many fascinating projects in Russia.”

AT1 is due to be commissioned following the completion of in-orbit tests in April 2014. Commercial operation of AT2 is slated to start in May 2014.

RSCC ordered the satellites as part of Russia’s federal space program for 2006-2015. They were built by JSC Information Satellite Systems.

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