RSCC sees rise in revenues

RSCC's Zheleznogorsk satellite control facility

RSCC’s Zheleznogorsk satellite control facility

Russian satellite operator RSCC saw its full-year revenues rise by 24% in 2016, turning in RUB11.4 billion (€175 million).

The RSCC fleet now comprises 12 communication and broadcasting satellites positioned along the GEO orbital arc from 14° West to 145° East.

The operator also brought into service Express-AMU1, a new satellite serving European Russia, in February last year.

RSCC also instructed ISS Reshetnev and Thales Alenia Space to begin building the Express-80 and Express-103 satellites for launch in 2019.

The year saw RSCC strike agreements with state broadcasting outfit RTRS for services to provide digital packages containing 20 mandatory nationwide TV channels and three mandatory nationwide radio channels.

RSCC said that international revenues now accounted for 40% of its revenues, driven by commercial activity, with an entry into the Latin American market in 2016, where the company said it ihad received initial orders, and an expansion of its customer base in South Africa.

The operator said it had also secured significant additional mobile, broadband and maritime business.

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