Russian satellite placed in geostationary orbit

am7_artist_viewRussian satellite Express-AM7, operated by RSCC, has successfully been placed in geostationary orbit, according to the company. 

The satellite, which arrived in GEO orbit on March 25, will now have its onboard systems in operational configuration as the satellite is moved to its assigned 40° East orbital slot. It is expected to become operational in May.

The Airbus D&S-build satellite payload comprises 80 transponders in the C-, Ku- and L- bands and eight antenna systems, two of which are steerable.

“We at Rossviaz have followed the satellite’s maneuvers with particular attention.  The successful launch and subsequent commissioning of the satellite will make it possible for our subordinate entity to enhance operational efficiency and make a wider choice of services available to users,” said Oleg Dukhovnitsky, Chief of the Russian Federal Communications Agency.

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