Premiership Rugby

Premiership Rugby and United Rugby Championship strengthen DTC business with PTI Digital deal

Premiership Rugby and United Rugby Championship (URC) have announced an expanded partnership with PTI Digital to grow their DTC businesses. Premiership Rugby launched its streaming service, PRTV Live, in the second half of last season. The service, launched in conjunction with PTI Digital, allows viewers to watch non-broadcast matches on pay-per-view. The URC has a […]

Premiership Rugby launches PPV streaming app

Premiership Rugby has announced the creation of a new DTC streaming service. The streamer, PRTV Live, will provide rugby fans with the ability to watch every Gallagher Premiership Rugby match live this season on a pay-per-view basis. Viewers can pay £4.99 to watch a game of their choice with a Match Pass. A Round Pass, […]