Webinar | Video delivery in 2020’s – What to consider regarding consumer expectations and video delivery technologies?

With distributed access architecture coming around the corner and cord-cutting becoming increasingly topical, operators are today faced with a “million-dollar” question: How to ensure that you are still the customers’ number one choice when it comes to high-quality video delivery?

In our free #TelesteLive webinar, we will dig deeper into the ongoing technology transformation to find out what it means for operators from the point of view of video headend technologies as well as consumers’ service expectations.

How to ensure smooth services today as well as in distributed access networks?

  • Distributed access architecture brings along requirements for video delivery but the industry-wide adaptation of the technology is still waiting for take-off. However, many traditional video headend manufacturers have anticipated the transition and already ramp down offering of video headend products.
  • Resulting from the traditional broadcast and DOCSIS division, there are also rivaling opinions in the air on how video delivery over distributed access should actually be carried out in practice.
  • The challenge for operators is how and when to upgrade their video headend infrastructure, as the feature requirements set by DAA to video headend solutions is still somewhat unclear although ramp down of existing systems requires prompt decisions.

What are consumers expecting and how to keep up with the changing demand?

  • Despite the growing popularity of OTT, linear TV is far from dead. As long as there are hundreds of millions of homes with receivers, there will be a need for linear TV broadcasting and video headend technologies to drive it.
  • Linear TV viewing still holds a significant share of consumers’ free time, although online viewing provides new alternatives. As competition for consumers’ attention gets heavier, also expectations for high service quality increase.
  • Agile solutions will be needed to keep up the diversifying consumer demand while navigating in the midst of the transforming technologies. How can operators stay relevant and deliver top quality video services today, while being fully prepared for the future?

Julius Tikkanen, Vice President, Video Service Platforms, Teleste
Attila Pester, Sales Director, Teleste
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe
Tim Westcott, Senior Research Manager, Channels, Programming & Advertising, Omdia

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