Webinar I Preparing for glory in 2019: are you peak ready?

Last year’s FIFA World Cup – the most-streamed on Akamai’s platform to date – saw traffic peak at a staggering 22.52Tbps during the France-Belgium semi-final. And as more and more content is watched online, today’s peaks will become tomorrow’s averages. The ceiling has yet to come, and it probably never will — which means a growing imperative for preparing for peak performance, an opportunity for peak profitability, and, unfortunately, a chance for peak disaster if things go wrong. But with Akamai’s dedication to empowering quality, monetization and scalability— and our security solutions and unmatched expertise to lean on when issues arise —you’ll be ready to successfully deliver “once in a lifetime” over and over again, and grow your business as a result.

Join this webinar to hear how Akamai’s Digital Performance Management (DPM) solutions can enable you to be better prepared for peaks in 2019.

We are covering the following areas:

1. How can DPM help you plan for peak traffic for live and linear events? Whether you’re expecting the peak or not…

2. How DPM can enable you to focus your development and engineering efforts on the places that will yield the best results for your business: by using real user not synthetic testing.

3. How DPM can prove why performance matters – shaving those milliseconds/seconds from your OTT portal is vital to ensure rich user engagement, faster content delivery – which means more hours consumed, more ads viewed and better experience over all.

Simon Hearne – Principal Software Engineer
Gareth Lynn – DPM Service Manager
Oliver Hunt – Senior Solutions Engineer