Hisense launches TV range with new UK free streamer Freely

TV manufacturer Hisense has unveiled its latest TV range with newly-launched UK free streamer Freely built into all of its models for 2024

The new model launches early this month, leveraging Mini LED technology and 144Hz motion. With new features such as AI Sports Mode, which enhances motion clarity and detail, and AMD FreeSync Premium, which prevents lagging, according to the company.

Hisense will become the first manufacturer to have Freely built into all of its new 4K TV models for 2024.

The streamer is backed by BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 via Everyone TV.

It will deliver live and on demand content for free to households across the UK, without the need for a dish or aerial. Featuring a new MiniGuide and TV Guide, viewers can switch seamlessly between live and on demand content from the leading broadcasters. 

Among the Hisense line-up, selected TV models will also have multi-channel surround sound and built-in subwoofers, along with a great range of soundbars available that use Dolby Atmos tech. 

The 2024 range include models such as the U8N, U7N and U6N – ranging from 50” to 100”.

Arun Bhatoye, Head of Marketing at Hisense UK said, “This year’s lineup is our best yet. Our primary focus has been on refining our Mini LED and Laser offering to meet the diverse needs of our consumers. We’re constantly innovating and looking at ways to bring customers the best products at the best prices and we’re confident that our new range achieves this. These premium models are poised to elevate the television viewing experience and are guaranteed to immerse consumers in a cinematic journey within the comfort of their own homes.  

“We’re proud to be the first manufacturer to introduce Freely to the UK market, which will revolutionise the way consumers watch their favourite shows and movies. Freely is set to offer a new and exciting way to enjoy free TV and this partnership shows our dedication to stay at the forefront of innovation, with customer enjoyment and experience at the heart of everything that we do.”

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