Tele Columbus strikes new fibre deal with Berlin housing cooperative

Source: Tele Columbus

German cable operator Tele Columbus Group has struck an agreement with housing association the Berliner Wohnungs-Verein zu Berlin eG to provide fibre connections to 8,000 of the cooperative’s households from 2024.

Tele Columbus will also continue to supply all households with TV, Internet and telephone from the PŸUR brand as a result of an offer request to supply the portfolio with triple play services.

The FTTH expansion will see conventional coaxial cables replaced by fibre.

As a result of next year’s changes in regulations, end customers need a contract with their network provider in order to continue to use the cable connection for TV supply. The Officials’ Housing Association of Berlin eG and Tele Columbus jointly provide information for tenants, according to Tele Columbus.

The agreement between the Kommunal-Wohnungs-Verein zu Berlin eG and Tele Columbus provides for an open access model, so that the fibfre networks are also generally available to other providers of telecommunications services on a rental basis.

“Fibre is the technology of the future, as it enables large data packets to be transmitted in seconds. With the implementation of the agreed expansion project, all apartments in our cooperative will in future be supplied with speeds beyond the gigabit currently available. Due to the increased demand for broadband connections, more streaming and more work from home, our residents should benefit significantly from the new FTTH fibre quality with stable bandwidths,” said Sven Einsle, board member of the Kommunal-Wohnungs-Verein zu Berlin eG.

“We are highly motivated about our expanded partnership with the Kommunal-Wohnungs-Verein zu Berlin eG and the tasks ahead. Through our agreement, we ensure that a television and internet infrastructure with the highest performance is available to every resident in every apartment. The decision to consistently expand fiber optics will pay off for everyone involved,” said Christian Biechteler, chief sales officer housing industry & infrastructure and board member at Tele Columbus.

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