LFP defends itself against Canal+ accusations

Canal+The French football leagueLFP has said it deems the allegations made by Canal+ about the French football league as “particularly serious”, after the Vivendi-owned pay TV group announced it has withdrawn from bidding for the next round of Ligue 1 rights.

In a letter obtained by L’Équipe, Canal+ president, Maxime Saada revealed that the league had not met the necessary requirements for Canal+ to make an offer. Saada went on to accuse the French football body of showing favour to rival Amazon, the current holder of the majority of rights to Ligue 1,

In an official statement released yesterday, the LFP expressed its “regrets” over the company’s decision to not participate in the bidding round which will mark the first time Canal+ will not broadcast Ligue 1 since its conception in 1984.

Saada claimed the high reserve price set by the league to obtain broadcasting rights for the French league combined with a lack of clarity about guarantees demanded, was intended to eliminate rival candidates.

The statement by LFP reads, “Where necessary, the LFP specifies that all the parameters of the call for applications have been established in strict compliance with the rules of the sports code and competition law. The terms of this call for applications ensure maximum transparency to all candidates regarding the progress and integrity of the process, the LFP having no form of agreement with any actor whatsoever.”

The football body added “ LFB regrets the process of publicly disclosing the terms of this letter, in order to harm the marketing process as well as the interests of the LFP and the clubs that make it up.”

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