Microsoft launches advertising for online video and CTV

Microsoft’s advertising technology arm has used the DMEXCO event in Germany to unveil a new video ad offering allowing marketers to create online video and connected TV ads within its platform.

Microsoft said that its Video and Connected TV (CTV) Ads offering would tap into data from online searches, which provide a strong signal of intent, to enable advertisers to get their brand in front of high-value CTV audiences.

Microsoft says its audience intelligence, as well as indicating intent to purchase, is a collection of permissioned first-party data points, combined across multiple properties, that help marketers reach their customers. This includes search and web activity from search engine Bing and browser Microsoft Edge, content interests from Microsoft Start and demographics.

The tech giant applies machine learning algorithms to develop audiences based on consumer product and brand preferences, purchases and conversions, content preferences, and location to enable targeted ads.

Users of Microsoft Advertising campaigns, like Search and Audience ads, will be able to set up their new video ads campaigns within the same platform.

Microsoft-enabled video and TV ads will appear on streaming platforms like Max, Hulu, and Bloomberg, as well as sites like MSN, Huffington Post, People and the Wall Street Journal.

“Now you can reach your audience in all the moments that matter. If you already advertise with Microsoft Advertising, you can complement your other ad formats to engage your customers across the funnel with the new Video and CTV ads. If you’re brand new to Microsoft Advertising, it’s an exciting time to start advertising with us Businesses of all sizes have already seen success testing Video and CTV ads in pilot. And now you can too. It’s never been easier to get up and running with Video and CTV,” said Lynne Kjolso, VP of global partner and retail media, Microsoft Advertising,

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