Veset’s Nimbus integrates with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Play-owned tech outfit Veset has announced today that its cloud playout platform, Nimbus, is now integrated with AWS Elemental MediaTailor.

According to the companies, the integration makes it simple for users to build channels and insert personalised ads entirely in the cloud.

Users can build their channels within Nimbus and use the MediaTailor integration to create rules and push personalised ads based on a number of viewer metrics

The combination makes it possible for channel creators to tap into free, ad-supported content, while ensuring ads are as targeted as possible

Nimbus users can also increase monetisation opportunities by offering advertisers added value of serving ads to those consumers most likely to respond.

Veset’s Nimbus is an all-in-one cloud playout platform is designed to streamline the origination and management of linear TV channels. It makes it possible to manage and monetise channels through an advanced web-based interface. It features a range of enterprise-grade features and integrations for flexibly delivering video content to OTT and broadcast.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a channel assembly and personalised ad-insertion service for video providers to create linear OTT channels using existing video content. The service then enables monetisation of those channels with personalised advertising.

“There has been an unprecedented shift in consumer habits over the past couple of years. As cost-conscious consumers increasingly move towards ad-funded services, advertisers, more than ever, need to get in front of the people most likely to respond to maximise return on investment. Integrating with AWS MediaTailor allows us to make personalising those ads much simpler for our users. Not only does this mean their viewers will be more willing to consume ads, it also enables them to maximise monetisation opportunities with advertisers,” said Gatis Gailis, CEO, Veset.

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