Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom, e& and Singtel form telco AI alliance

SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, e&, and Singtel Form Global Telco AI Alliance for Collaboration and Innovation in AI_02

Telcos Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom e& and Singtel have joined forces to form the Global Telco AI Alliance in aim to boost customer experience using AI technology.

The four companies will make joint efforts to accelerate AI transformation of the existing telco business, and develop new growth drivers through new AI-powered business models.

A Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in the AI business was signed to seal the deal which took place in South Korea.

Per the agreement, the four telcos will jointly develop the Telco AI Platform by combining their respective technologies and capabilities. The Telco AI Platform is expected to serve as the core foundation for new AI services, including those designed to improve the existing telco services, digital assistants, and super apps that offer a wide range of services.

They will have detailed discussions on issues such as co-investment opportunities and the co-development of the Telco AI Platform to reach a definitive agreement. The foursome will also provide support to each other in operating AI services and apps in their respective markets and cooperate to build an ecosystem.

“The launch of the Global Telco AI Alliance is meaningful in that it marks the beginning of a new journey to innovate our business models while growing together with our global partners,” said Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT. “Through collaborative efforts, we will accelerate AI transformation of all industries, provide new value and experience to our customers, and lead the growth of the global AI ecosystem.”

“In order to make the most of the possibilities of generative AI for our customers and our industry, we want to develop industry-specific applications in the Telco AI Alliance. I am particularly pleased that this alliance also stands for bridging the gap between Europe and Asia and that we are jointly pursuing an open-vendor approach. Depending on the application, we can use the best technology. The founding of this alliance is an important milestone for our industry,” said Claudia Nemat, board member technology and innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

“The alliance signifies a strategic commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaborative efforts. Our shared goal is to redefine industry paradigms, establish new growth drivers through AI-powered business models, and pave the way for a new era of strategic cooperation, guiding our industry towards an exciting and prosperous future,” said Khalifa Al Shamsi, CEO of e& life.

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