Crimeflix taps MuxIP for FAST channels

Ad-supported streaming technology provider MuxIP has been tapped to deliver FAST channels for newly-created Crimeflix, a leading provider of retro crime films and TV shows.

MuxIP enables Crimeflix to be distributed to all Smart TVs and a wide range of devices, leveraging patented technology that lowers costs and increases revenue generation more than competing solutions, MuxIP’s FASTHub for OTT and FASTHub for Broadcast provide a single platform with universal delivery.

At launch, Crimeflix will have more than 150 hours of content available on the channel in fully dubbed English, French, and Spanish versions (with German to follow), exemplifying a premium single IP FAST channel offering for fans of specific genres. Its global distribution  on Sling TV, Roku, LG, and Amazon FreeVee –includes such premier content as RoboCop, Universal Solider, Pacific Blue, Max Havoc, In the Line of Duty, Ambush in Waco, and thirteen Mary Higgins Clark films.

Crimeflix was founded by John Laing, CEO of Rallie LLC, an acquisition company that licenses library content, including its inventory from the PKE (Patchett-Kaufman) library.

“The value of high-recognition single IP channels is still growing, and this relates to greater distribution and higher viewership, and higher CPMs on the ad side,” said Jonathan French, senior vice president of sales and business development for MuxIP. “The Crimeflix channel is an ideal magnet for the crime genre, given the premium shows and movies that have tremendous global recognition. We expect this to gain wider distribution interest and lead in its category.”

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