Tele Columbus selects Nagra for next-gen hybrid Android TV service

German operator Tele Columbus has selected Kudelski Group’s Nagra as its solution provider and prime integrator to launch its new hybrid cable and multiscreen solution, Pyur TV.

With its advanced Hybrid/OTT features, Pyur TV expands Tele Columbus’ offering beyond cable. The launch of Pyur TV aims to increase subscriber loyalty, expand reach and open new monetisation opportunities by delivering a richer entertainment experience.

Nagra’s SaaS OpenTV Video and Security Services Platforms is integrated with 3SS’s 3Ready app platform to deliver an end-to-end, state of the art service across TV and streaming devices. Nagra’s OpenTV Video Platform is the core solution to address Tele Columbus’ aggregation challenges. While 3SS’ 3Ready Framework provides a custom-designed and unified experience across hybrid set-top-boxes and major streaming devices. When combined, it creates a flexible Android TV and multiscreen solution that offers AI-enhanced personalised discovery and a superior UX.

Tele Columbus’ new service also features OTT services, including Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, as part of its hybrid DVB-C (cable) plus OTT Android TV STB, Smart TV and iOS and Android mobile device delivery. The hybrid solution will complement live TV with advanced features, such catchup, startover, timeshift, PVR and full compliance with the requirements of content owners and/or German legislation.

In addition to NAGRA and 3SS, the multi-vendor solution includes Sagemcom, Harmonic’s transcoding and packaging headend and Broadpeak CDN.

“The television business has changed dramatically in the last few years. With PŸUR TV, we now have a powerful product to offer our customers an outstanding entertainment experience and continue to grow in the face of competition,” said Markus Oswald, Chief Executive Officer at Tele Columbus.

“With PŸUR TV, traditional linear television is greatly enhanced with new features and combined with OTT content to create a comprehensive entertainment experience for our customers,” added  Lars Lanske, Head of TV & on Demand Products at PŸUR, who is leading the project.

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