Jour and Paranormal HQ joins FAST Channels TV

Jour Network’s channels Jour and Paranormal HQ have joined white label OTT platform FAST Channels TV portfolio which will focus on human potential, evolving planet, and classified reality. 

Jour features human interest documentaries, films and episodic series that seek to inspire global action. Through the science of wellness and spirituality, our evolving planet, and humanity’s quest for enlightenment. While, Paranormal HQ will explore mysteries that challenge our perception of reality. Paranormal HQ includes content from unbelievable UFO encounters and ancient anomalies, to exposing top secret government programs, and searching for ghosts or Bigfoot.

Both channels were created and launched with platform partner FAST Channels TV and are available on over 20 Free Streaming TV platforms, including: Mometu, Zoneify, FlixHouse, CarbonTV, Glorystar, HeroGoTV, MYLO TV, ISGTV, RadiantMedia, Streeme, Grove Street FM, Megogo,, and VivaLive.

FAST Channels TV specialises in content and monetisation behind FAST Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) linear Channels and VOD.

Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels, said, “We’re thrilled to have JOUR & Paranormal HQ FAST channels added to our lineup and we have already had it placed on over 20 streaming TV platforms with many expressing interest to add the channels to their lineup.”

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