Regiogroei taps XroadMedia for personalisation and content delivery

Regiogroei, the digital partnership of 10 Dutch regional media broadcasters, has tapped search and recommendation specialist  XroadMedia for its content discovery and personalisation solutions.

XroadMedia will replace Regiogroei’s existing recommendation solution with a more innovative and advanced alternative that would be able to scale, according to the company.

The solutions provides the group broader possibilities to offer unique experiences to their end-users, across different content types such as news articles, channels and online videos.

XroadMedia’s personalisation solution is API-based, allowing flexibility and ease of integration for all broadcasters involved which can be adjusted to each of their specific business rules via the company’s personalisation solution, Ncanto.

Regiogroei accommodates digital distribution as well as web and app developments for 10 different broadcasters, including  RTV Noord, RTV Drenthe, Omrop Fryslân, RTV Oost, Omroep Gelderland, L1, Omroep Zeeland, Rijnmond, Omroep West en RTV Utrecht. With XroadMedia, Regiogroei can personalize every touchpoint for all broadcasters, which includes push notifications and newsletters. Utilising Ncanto’s user profiles, notifications can become fully personalised, including articles or content which will encourage users to return to the broadcasters’ platforms more often.

“We’re delighted to be working with Regiogroei and their partners. User experience has to be at the forefront of everything, and regional news and local content are already close to the consumer; by highlighting and surfacing personally relevant content, we’re creating an easier, more engaging journey for consumers. We’re looking forward to expanding our project with Regiogroei to help grow their audience base throughout the Netherlands,” said Adolf Proidl, co-founder and CEO, XroadMedia.

Christjan Knijff, general manager of Regiogroei added, “Regional news and content are receiving more and more attention. The regional broadcasters are ready for the next step to captivate and grow their audience. We firmly believe that XroadMedia’s real-time personalization solutions are an integral part of the success of the future.”

The new solution goes live this month, with more features and functionalities to be added in the following months.

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