TV usage falls by 1.9% across the US

Total TV usage among viewers in the US has fallen another 1.9% from March to April, according to Nielsen’s latest report of The Gauge.

In March the share of TV trended in streaming was 34.1% in the US slightly dropped to 34% by April.

However news viewing was up 4.3% which accounted for 19% of cable usage in April, while Broadcast usage dipped 2.7%.

The NCAA basketball tournament and The Masters golf tournament were the most-viewed broadcast programmes, but sports viewing did drop to 17.1%, with dramas attracting a 2.1% viewing increase.

Netflix viewing dropped 7%, translating to a loss of 0.4 share point, whereas usage increased across Tubi TV and Pluto TV where usage increased by 6% and 3.9% respectively.

Elsewhere Disney+ viewership was down 1.7%, though The Mandalorian was the third-most streamed title in April. YouTube, excluding YouTube TV, remained the most-used platform, with usage increasing 1.5% to help the platform capture 8.1% of TV usage. Viewership to “other streaming” resulted in an increase of 0.1 share points in April.

Separately, streaming usage in Poland is slowly growing its share of total viewing, up 0.2 points in April and now accounting for 6.7% of total usage, according to Nielsen’s latest Gauge report for the country.

Netflix accounts for 1.8% of total usage, followed among streamers by YouTube with a 1.7% share.

The growth in streaming in April came from the Other Streaming category, as increased viewership of additional streaming platforms resulted in a 12% increase in usage.

Linear TV continues to dominate the country’s viewing habits. Terrestrial TV accounts for 23.4% of viewing according to the April report, with cable accounting for 30% and satellite for 34%.

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